IPMiner is developed for progenitor identification for influenza A virus. IPMiner uses Influenza Viral Resource at NCBI as the back-end database.

Upload a sequence file to run the program.

                Upload a FASTA file:

                Or paste a sequence in standard FASTA format:


The user defines the segment type of the query sequence: segment 1 for PB2, segment 2 for PB1, segment 3 for PA, segment 4 for HA, segment 5 for NP, segment 6 for NA, segment 7 for MP, and segment 8 for NS.


If the segment type is HA or NA, the user will define subtype of HA (1-16) or NA (1-9) to speed the computing process.


The user needs to choose a threshold as the sequence length filter, which will define the sequences selected from the database for progenitor identification. The default value is 80%. Since CCV measures the genetic distance based on the appearing frequency of short strings, a longer sequence will have a better chance to represent the genetic information for this genomic segement. The drawback for such a threshold is that the potential progenitor with a short sequence could be missed.

                            Sequence length cutoff:

The user can choose to display the number of sequences from the output.

       TOP sequences, n =